Mt Kopaonik is the largest ski centre in Serbia and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in this part of Europe. The developed fields of the Kopaonik ski centre offer immense enjoyment to all the categories of skiers, from beginners to the most skilful ones and make one's stay on Mt Kopaonik unforgettable. The centre has some 55km of paths developed for Alpine skiing and 12km of paths for Nordic skiing.

The Little Lake (Malo jezero) path has been illuminated for night skiing lovers. The artificial snow systems covers 97% of the skiing field. Thus the skiing season lasts longer and the skiers, both the beginners and the more demanding ones, can be certain that, during the season, they will be able to enjoy the excellently prepared paths.

All the paths are very well connected with a cable car and ski lift system, the capacity of which is over 32,000 skiers per hour.

In addition to skiers and snowboarders, the "Pančićev vrh" four-seater transports, throughout the winter season, but also in summer, visitors who do not do winter sports, but only sightseeing and who enjoy numerous other activities offered by Mt Kopaonik. Some state-of-the-art six-seaters have been placed on the Krcmar and Gvozdac locations on Mt Kopaonik. The Gvozdac path has been extended by 400 meters and the "Malo jezero" ski lift has been extended as well, in order that skiers reach the Sun Valley (Sunčana dolina) more easily.

Adrenaline-filled activities, such as mountain coaster, zip-line or tubing, represent a type of enertainment on Mt Kopaonik that is available throughout the year. Besides, for the youngest skiers and all other beginners, who are taking their first steps in skiing, there is a "ski nursery" area with a moving track and a carousel which renders the mastering of basic skiing skills easier. In addition to tracks for Alpine and Nordic skiing, the Kopaonik ski centre also has a developed snow park, in which numerous national and international competitions are organized. A free ride track has been developed on the Gobelja peak.


Kopaonik is the largest mountain range in Serbia, the length of 82.7 km (from 42º43'36 "to 43º28'01" north latitude) and a width of 63.5 km (from 20º37'09 "to 21º24'02" east longitude). It stretches between the rivers Ibar and Sitnica in the west and the south-east of the Elbe. Provides a wide ridge route from Podbrđe above Kosovska Mitrovica in the northwest, through a series of peaks over 1600 meters, the highest part of the massif, Flat Kopaonik, around which rise Suvo Rudište with Pančić peak (2017 m), Karaman (1934 m) and Gobelja (1834 m).