Obelisk on Kopaonik is four-sided pyramid about 15 feet high, which has “doors” at the bottom on all four sides a height of about 1.70 meters. Obelisk is located on the edge of a former coal mine and on its right side it is deep in the valley, and on the left are the output stations for one-seat (No.4 - Pančić) and two-seat (No.5 - Centre) cable car.

It is set at the top “Suvo Rudište" whose height is 1970 meters, and about 700 meters as the crow flies from the Pančić’s Peak. Obelisk is a surveyor trigonometric point.


Kopaonik is the largest mountain range in Serbia, the length of 82.7 km (from 42º43'36 "to 43º28'01" north latitude) and a width of 63.5 km (from 20º37'09 "to 21º24'02" east longitude). It stretches between the rivers Ibar and Sitnica in the west and the south-east of the Elbe. Provides a wide ridge route from Podbrđe above Kosovska Mitrovica in the northwest, through a series of peaks over 1600 meters, the highest part of the massif, Flat Kopaonik, around which rise Suvo Rudište with Pančić peak (2017 m), Karaman (1934 m) and Gobelja (1834 m).